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Discovery Lab Global (DLG) Open House

This is going to members from industry, communities, government organizations, educators, and academics who we've worked with or interacted with on matters of STEM & Workforce Development.

On August 4 (Thursday) from 1PM to 6PM EDT, Discovery Lab Global (DLG) will be conducting an open house of its inaugural Summer at Discovery's Edge (SADE) in downtown Dayton, OH.

We have 92 students (primarily college freshmen/sophomores and high school students) participating this summer with the majority of them recruited from across the country.

Since the majority of the students are participating remotely via our Deep HoriXons 3D virtual research& STEM campus, the number of students participating onsite will be much less than 92.  Even so, here is a sampling of the projects that will be showcased onsite during the Open House:

     1. Mind Map (Neural Science) - neural science project involving the 3D printing of brain signal patterns picked up by an EMOTIV Insight - to give new meaning to the phrase "hold that thought".

     2. Guard Falcon (Drone Engineering) - preliminary design of a 3D printed wing pack that converts a quad rotor into an airplane to give the quad rotor extended range capability with ejecting the wing pack to transition back to a quad rotor for package delivery upon arrival over the target area.

     3. Symphony Smartwear (Wearable Tech) - wearable technology that converts clothing into a musical instrument – with appropriate electronics, wearable tech could embed triage capabilities into clothing.

     4. CyberGuide (Mobile Apps) - a team of students are developing a mobile app to assist tourists visiting a city. The same approach could be used to assist search & rescue workers to safely navigate a disaster area.

     5. Bridges of Hope (Virtual Reality) - a team of students are working on a philanthropic project demonstrating that technologies can be used to "help the helpless".

     6. Data Analytics - a large team of students are developing algorithms to data harvest twitter feeds to aid in predictive analysis.

     7. Virtual Technology Conference (Virtual Reality) -  students will organize and conduct a small technology conference in 3D virtual world to include guest speakers, student poster sessions, and demonstration of a virtual STEM festival.

The most promising students and projects from this first stage will compete in a 2nd stage entrepreneurial internship for modest seed-funding via a modified "Shark Tank like" process that we call the Launch Pad. Source for initial seed funding has been identified.

Our portfolio for 2017 will be expanded to include Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Biomedical Assistive Technologies to name a few. Partnerships will be the key to our success in 2017.