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Plan to visit the Dayton Regional STEM School (DRSS) and dive into the details of Project Based Learning (PBL).  These two-day professional development opportunities consists of an extended visit to the Dayton Regional STEM School (DRSS), providing participants with an up-close look at the principles and practices that make DRSS unique.  A major focus of the October and the May Residencies is on Project Based Learning (PBL).  Participants will receive a foundational background about what PBL is (and is not); ways that teachers plan PBL units; and how PBL is enacted and supported in various ways at DRSS.  This Residency will also provide some initial support – and practice – for participants to begin planning their own PBL units appropriate to their unique settings.  Participants will leave with a good understanding of how DRSS operates, how PBL is a major component of what the School accomplishes, and some ideas about implementing PBL in their own setting.  The Residencies will be led by Dr. Brian Boyd, Founding Principal and Hub Director for DRSS and DRSS Teachers.

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